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China - Highlights and Troubble

Herausgegeben von Beatrix Hachtel in Travel-Blogs · 20/10/2013 08:35:50

China - Highlights and Trouble

Finally I find the opportunity to update this blog! In the meantime I am in Laos and many things happened. Today I will write a little about the Spring Valley Waldorf school at the Phoenix Farm, under the Phoenix mountains west of Beijing - one of the best places in China I can think of:

This is the little school I visited already in 2012: they changed place to their advantage, and they grow fast. It is amazing, what this little group of people could make out of the place within a year: part of the buildings, the garden, the play ground - most is new or at least renovated. The school is below these beautiful granite mountains, surrounded by greenery, a biological farm and 2 temples, a buddhistic and a taoistic one. There is plenty of fresh air and many citizen from Beijing come here for the weekend.

picture above: part of the playgrounds
picture below: my old friend, the cook!

Now there are 2 kindergardens and class 1-3. They plan to offer until class 6 and cooperate with other schools for the higher classes. So the kinds - used to small apartments in the city, come here to learn in the nature - the best place, Beijing can offer.  Many parents come to live here with their kinds during the week to make this school possible for them.

Here are some of the teachers on "teachers day", celebrating and singing karaoke:

Here some pictures from the work:

Here left in the picture one of the translators, Shinning Jiang - she was unbelievable helpful and became my best friend there!

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